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Business For Good San Diego

Jason Roberts

Board Treasurer

Jason is Co-Founder and CEO of Frontline Careers, a purpose-driven startup on a mission t connect frontline workers looking for more, with companies that offer more. His startup evaluates the frontline environment of companies using their proprietary assessment, certifying those with supportive and rewarding frontline work cultures, as being “Frontline Friendly”. In addition, they offer a job site that features only frontline jobs offering outstanding benefits and perks beyond pay.

Through prior work experiences in Corp America, Jason saw first-hand the incredible disparity that existed within Frontline America – those that create all the value, are not themselves valued or treated with dignity and respect. Hence why he left that environment to co-found Frontline Careers in 2020. A company committed to motivating and helping businesses see that they can treat their people well, AND still have great bottom-lines.