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Fighting for equal access to capital for entrepreneurs

Small businesses, especially those owned by underrepresented citizens, often lack access to the capital they need to invest in themselves and grow. This can drive business owners into immense debt from high-interest or predatory loans, putting small business entrepreneurs at a significant risk for property foreclosure, bankruptcy, and loan default. All of this hurts not only the businesses, but also entire communities in numerous ways. We aim to change this by fighting for policy that offers equal access to capital for all businesses, regardless of size.

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Priority Areas
  • Developing a directory of viable financing options for small businesses
  • Updating the City of San Diego’s business incentive policy
  • Prioritizing city investments in Opportunity Zones throughout San Diego
  • Ensuring accurate, timely reporting on city’s Community Reinvestment Master Plan
  • Supporting a disparity study on city contractor diversity

Small businesses dominate San Diego County. Making capital accessible improves our communities for everyone.


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