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Business For Good San Diego

Why Public Policy?

pub·lic pol·i·cy


A system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action and funding priorities concerning a given topic, promoted by a governmental entity or its representatives.

Challenges our Small Businesses Face


We believe that all individuals, businesses and special interest groups should have equal access to influencing the development of policies that affect our quality of life. We put you at the table with the decision-makers to ensure local policies reflect the needs and values of all business owners in San Diego.


How do we fight industry-wide, well-funded organizations that claim to represent our business values? By uniting and organizing.

As a Business For Good member, you pool your resources with other members to amplify your voice and get the results that are truly aligned with your principles.


Business For Good members have regular opportunities to connect and collaborate with other like-minded business owners. Quarterly mixers, monthly meetings, resources, tailored education sessions, and policy sub-committees are just the start of the shared access available to our members.

How We Create Change
Why It Matters

Business For Good may not have the millions that corporate industry groups do. But we don’t need millions to be successful. We’re entrepreneurs. We know how to prioritize our resources and make a real difference where it counts.


of San Diego Business are Small


employees in a “small” business


Fortune 500 companies with HQ’s in San Diego