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Business For Good San Diego

Environmental Health

A cleaner San Diego means a thriving future for us all

San Diego is rapidly becoming a major hub for business and commerce. We need to develop into a region that can adapt to growth in a sustainable and equitable way. Our cities can do their part to mitigate the effects of climate change while addressing long-term solutions around renewable energy, transit, waste and other options. Good business means making sure our customers and employees are healthy and can keep living in San Diego.

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Priority Areas
  • Providing resources for businesses on the styrofoam ban & single-use plastics
  • Ensuring the county’s Climate Action Plan improves its targets
  • Supporting San Diego’s rollout of the Community Choice Energy Program
  • Developing actionable solutions to mitigating pollution into the Tijuana River
  • Ensuring transit-oriented housing development strategies with SANDAG

San Diego businesses depend on finding sustainable solutions to renewable energy, transit, waste and more.


Of food wasted


Pieces of polystyrene picked up on SD beaches


SD’s carbon-free electricity goal by 2035