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Business For Good San Diego

Sarah Beauchemin

Managing Director

Sarah Beauchemin is the Managing Director at Business For Good. She has 20 years of experience in business management, communications strategy, content strategy, copywriting, and developmental editing for the private, nonprofit, and higher education sectors.

In 2015, Sarah founded Protagonist Content, a boutique brand messaging and copywriting outfit that helps purpose-driven brands in all industries get clear on what they need to say and how to say it in a real, human way. Protagonist was born out of a desire to help add more beauty, compassion, and positive impact to our world. People and organizations who work hard to move the needle for good must be heard over the noise of nearly 2 billion websites.

Sarah’s clients include mission-centered digital agencies, SaaS platforms, and marketing consultants; nonprofits and family foundations focused on the arts and humanities, hunger relief, civic journalism, accessible healthcare, animal welfare, equitable education, environmental/climate justice, and social justice; women entrepreneurs; and many more.

Sarah joined Business For Good in 2018 and has remained an active, engaged member ever since. During her first year with BFG, Sarah wrote the introspective “Things I Wish I Knew” pieces. From there, Sarah continued on to serve as the content strategist, copywriter, and blog writer for BFG. She also helped establish the BFG Member Communications Committee and served on the Board of Directors.

Sarah holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a minor in English, and an M.A. in English. She also writes mystery/thriller novels and published her debut novel Final Belongings in 2022.