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Business For Good San Diego

Introducing Our New Business For Good Membership Tiers

Exciting things are happening here at Business For Good. Due to the sustained support and engagement of our incredible members, BFG is rolling out our much-anticipated Membership Tier program. 

Beginning June 16, 2022, all existing and new BFG members can enroll in new levels of BFG membership—each with new, exclusive benefits. 

And that’s not all. Our membership platform is also expanding to include options for individuals and nonprofit/public sector organizations! BFG’s organizational and policy goals for FY23 are focused and ambitious. We welcome the opportunity for all passionate San Diegans to help us accelerate our work and drive meaningful policy change that improves the lives of everyone in our region. 

Why we created membership levels 

One of the founding principles of Business For Good is that we are accessible to everyone who wants to join. We are not a pay-to-play organization, and we never will be. 

The new membership levels stay true to our egalitarian roots. We’ll still offer our very affordable basic membership level. And sponsored memberships are available for those who cannot afford a full-price BFG membership. 

At the same time, our new tiered membership also supports BFG members who can afford a little more and want additional membership benefits. 

“For our members who have well-established or larger businesses, we wanted to suggest a greater membership contribution to help support the important work BFG does in policy, community, networking, and publicity,” said Mikey Knab, Business For Good Board Chair. 

The new BFG membership levels:

  • Offer more to our members so they can get the most out of BFG—The new benefits and perks of our member levels are designed to help members get the very most out of their BFG membership. From free tickets to our events to coworking space access to free professional headshot sessions, our new membership levels truly have something for everyone.
  • Help us make a bigger impact by growing our membership—San Diego County is facing numerous, mounting challenges in BFG’s four policy areas of focus. We need to help implement thoughtful, progressive local policy that will address the ongoing crises in immigration, environmental health, and homelessness in our region.
  • Allow individuals, nonprofits, and public sector organizations to join BFG—The community spoke, and we listened! As BFG’s presence in San Diego continues to grow, our BFG board members received a lot of feedback from the larger community outside of local business owners. Many individuals and nonprofit/public sector organizations in San Diego expressed interest in joining our cause. We can do so much more together. 

What are the new membership levels? 

Our new membership platform consists of three categories: Business Owners, Individuals, and Nonprofit/Public Sector Organizations.  

Within each of those categories are different membership levels: 

  • Business Owners: Levels 1-4
  • Individuals: Level 1
  • Nonprofit/Public Sector Organizations: Levels 1-4 

BFG also offers a significantly discounted membership level: Sponsored memberships. These are for Business Owners and Individual members who cannot afford to pay for a full-price BFG membership. 

“Sponsored memberships are so important because they help young, growing, values-aligned businesses find their footing here in the San Diego community,” said Danea Ramos, Business For Good Managing Director. “They also give equitable access to passionate San Diegans who want to join BFG as an Individual, but do not have the financial means to do so.” 

Membership levels are suggested based on the number of employees (for Business Owner members) and annual operating budget (for Nonprofit/Public Sector members). 

However, these are only guidelinesnot requirements. For example, a solo business owner may decide that the benefits of a Level 4 membership better suit their needs, even though Level 4 is suggested for a business of 20+ employees. 

“The more diverse the group of business members that engages with BFG, the greater our impact will be,” Mikey said. “If one member has time, but not a lot of money, we have volunteer opportunities available. For those who have money but not a lot of time, a Level 4 membership allows them to greater support BFG’s staffing, marketing, and development efforts. It’s all crucial to helping us thrive.” 

How members enroll in the new membership levels

On June 16, 2022, existing members can access our BFG website’s new membership portal, InfoHub. All members will use InfoHub to engage with other members, register for events, and access their new membership perks. 

“InfoHub will give BFG a much more streamlined process for internally managing memberships and perks,” Danea said. “It’ll also make sure our members have a great customer experience when it comes to joining BFG and engaging with their membership going forward.” 

Every BFG member will have their own InfoHub account. Once logged in, you can access to your membership subscription details, renewal information, the BFG member directory, a shared events calendar, and many other BFG members-only resources. 

The new membership enrollment process looks a bit different for new versus existing members. Here’s what you need to know:

New members—To join Business For Good:
  • Now through June 15, 2022: Go to our Become A Member page, then click on the Membership Application. If you buy a YEARLY membership at our current price of $250, you will lock in your new membership perks for ONE YEAR before the rate increases to $300!
  • June 16, 2022 and on: Go to our Become A Member page. Then click on the Membership Application, select your BFG membership level, complete the form, and hit Submit. 
Existing members: 

We can’t wait for all BFG members to start experiencing the great benefits and perks of their new BFG memberships. And, of course, opening our membership platform to more passionate San Diegans will give our collective voice more power. 

“I’m excited to start inviting more members to join, and grow our team,” Mikey said. “The more of us there are, the harder we are to ignore.” 

Now is the perfect time to become a Business For Good member! No matter what your role is in the San Diego community, we welcome you to join our impactful values-aligned group.

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