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Making #WeWelcomeYou happen: Meet Four Fin Creative

It’s no secret that we shamelessly believe all our members are the best at their craft. Call that sort of bias an occupational hazard if you want. But when our immigration committee wanted to refresh a poster campaign that lets businesses send a simple message loud and clear – We Welcome You – we turned to the team at Four Fin Creative for help, guidance and inspiration. We are not only thrilled at the result and the sheer brilliance of every concept they presented, but also proud to showcase the people with the skill and talent: Jen Derks, Jess Winet and Kendall Lord!

Why didn’t you run for the hills when we asked you to help out with this project? 

We actually ran right toward it with open arms. We strongly believe in social justice, so, we were aligned morally with the cause. AND we do a number of pro-bono projects throughout the year, as a way to give back and contribute our talents to the greater community of businesses we admire and support. So, this was a dream match!

What was the best part of designing the posters? 

The collaborative nature – our whole team cared about the purpose behind these posters and wanted a piece of the action.  A lot of minds came together here.

Has working on this project affected your views on things – big or small? 

We’ve learned a lot from Business for Good San Diego in general, from the variety of membership to the passion-fueled discussions. We typically work on larger-scale branding projects, so it was a nice change of pace to pour our energy into a poster that we’ll see around our local communities. The project reminded us that even small contributions (of time and talent) can have an impact.

What’s Four Fin Creative’s favorite happy hour spot after a grueling week? 

We love the chill vibes (and beers) of Helix Brewing right here in La Mesa, and on Friday’s they have live music so you can’t beat that.

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