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Who is Juan Pablo Sanchez, Anyways?

His real life began after he broke his childhood promise:

Growing up in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz, in Mexico, Juan Pablo Sanchez’s parents always instilled in him the following: “Your education is the one thing no one and nothing can ever take from you — so always invest in it.” He took his parent’s advice to heart and entered college immediately following high school and excelled in two majors –political science and economics. Though he didn’t know at the time, but that course of study would be the catalyst at the center of Juan Pablo’s professional life for many years to come.

What came next?

Juan Pablo worked in the legal field for a few years following college, and he was preparing for his law school admissions tests when he realized that being a lawyer was not his true passion. He didn’t know what he wanted to do professionally, so he decided to focus on travel for a couple years while simultaneously helping his dad manage the family restaurant, Super Cocina. Juan Pablo didn’t actually realize he enjoyed restaurant management, until his father contemplated selling Super Cocina. In 2002, Juan Pablo’s father agreed to let him take over ownership of the restaurant. In 2004, Juan Pablo branched out and created Super Cocina Catering. The most ironic thing about Juan Pablo managing a family restaurant and starting a catering company is he always said he was “going to go to college so he would not end up working in the restaurant business.”

Full-circle moment

As we fast forward to 2018, Juan Pablo is an integral part of the business community fabric in San Diego-namely the City Heights community. His restaurant has received many accolades throughout the years and has been voted “best Mexican food in San Diego” several times by different magazines. He currently serves on four non-profit boards including Business for Good San Diego. Business For Good provides Juan Pablo with a voice to pursue his values, ideas, and policies that benefit his business and the social health of his community. Recently his political voice took center stage during an informative summit designed to integrate immigrants into San Diego. Juan Pablo described the economic impact that immigrants make to countless local media during that event. On that day, he was able to put his college education on display without compromising his true passion.

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