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Business For Good San Diego

You Don’t Want to Miss Our Inaugural (Doing) Business For Good Summit

Let’s be real. Our Business For Good membership base is packed with thought leaders. 

We’ve got in-demand, socially minded business owners, local policy experts, and folks who drive change as board members of dozens of purposeful organizations in our region.

Then it occurred to us. Why not share our collective insight with the rest of San Diego so we can all make a bigger impact together? 

Enter our first-ever (Doing) Business For Good Summit. On November 4, 2022, BFG will host an exciting all-day event designed to equip San Diego business owners with the fundamentals they need to run a values-led organization that stays in business—for good.

The Summit will be held at Bread & Salt and The Athenaeum in Logan Heights. We welcome all engaged San Diegans to join us for an illuminating day filled with workshops, expert guest speakers, and lively networking with like-minded folks who believe that purpose, above all else, is what drives profit. 

Why the BFG Summit, and why now?

The (Doing) Business For Good Summit is long in the making. Every year since our formation in 2017, BFG has built upon its mission to unite local business owners to drive policy that improves San Diego for all. 

Our mostly volunteer-run organization now has the membership, resources, and community partnerships to host the kind of conference we’ve always dreamed of. 

“BFG has a ton of momentum right now,” said Beth Gutierrez, member of the BFG Summit and Member Communication committees and owner of Joy Culture Events. “We’re making so much progress on different policy initiatives. We’ve introduced our BFG membership tiers. We’re very proud of how BFG has evolved to become such a professional, influential organization.”

We are primed to energize our BFG member base and focus on attracting more members throughout San Diego County. Building community is top-of-mind at BFG. And we’ve found that people in San Diego are hungry for it. 

“Coming out of the peak-pandemic era, everyone is longing for real connection again,” said Erika Rodriguez, BFG Summit committee member and owner of Nadi Marketing. “We’re sick of Zoom fatigue. More than that, we’re living in political turmoil with so many crucial issues surrounding us. We want and need to come together to find solutions.”

What to expect at the BFG Summit

The (Doing) Business For Good Summit agenda starts with an inspirational keynote speech from Gary Ware, a transformational workplace coach at Breakthrough Play. Three rounds of deep-dive breakout workshop sessions will follow, with lunch included. 

Each breakout session is hosted by a panel of seasoned, purpose-driven business owners, policymakers, and/or nonprofit and public sector leaders. Sessions are divided into three focus areas:

  • Operational—The nuts and bolts of how to run a purposeful business, including accounting, legal, HR, and avoiding common pitfalls and missteps. Moderators include BFG member Sam Mazzeo of Better APC. Operational sessions are great for new business owners as well as more established businesses that need to dial in their ops a little more.
  • Aspirational—How to do good in business, stay in business for good, and help shape public policies that benefit all San Diegans. Moderators include BFG board member and sustainability expert Dr. Cindy Lin of Hey Social Good.
    “Cindy is bringing together a group of exceptional leaders in the nonprofit and policy world for the Aspirational panels,” Erika said. “We’ll get a glimpse of what it would look like if businesses, nonprofits, and the government all worked together to move the needle.”
  • CommUNITY—How to engage with like-minded local individuals, businesses, and organizations to drive more meaningful change together, faster. Our BFG Summit committee thoughtfully designed these networking panels to facilitate meaningful conversations between Summit attendees.
    “The term ‘networking’ makes some people cringe because it can feel awkward, forced, or downright smarmy,” Beth said. “But that’s definitely not the vibe at BFG. Authentically getting to know your peers is just one of the main reasons people join Business For Good in the first place. Attendees can expect genuine, chill interactions and ways to get to know each other.” 

At the Summit, participants can jump around from theme to theme in a “choose your own adventure” style. The idea is to create fun, energizing movement and flow throughout the day.

“Anyone who comes to the Summit will find value in any of the sessions,” Beth said. “The topics are broad enough to appeal to everyone—local business owners, nonprofits, or an engaged San Diegan who wants to do better and learn more.” 

Exhibitor Tables 

Throughout the day, attendees can connect more deeply with businesses and nonprofits that have exhibitor tables. It’s a great way to meet fellow Summit participants and learn about the specific ways purposeful organizations in San Diego are making a difference. 

Happy Hour-and-a-Half

The Summit culminates in a relaxed networking Happy Hour-and-a-Half at Mujeres Brew House from 4:30-6:00pm. Attendees can grab a beer, enjoy a taco flight, and continue the meaningful conversations from earlier in the day. Of course, it’s also a no-pressure opportunity to meet a potential new values-aligned client, business partner, or friend. 

Why join us at the BFG Summit

The (Doing) Business For Good Summit offers a rare, centralized space to get to know 150+ values-aligned local businesses, learn how to run a sustainable business, and expand your own brand.

Plus, you’ll connect with dozens more engaged peers who care about shaping a San Diego that works better for everyone in all of our communities. At the end of the day, we believe our Summit attendees can expect to walk away with a renewed sense of hope and belonging. 

“I’m confident that BFG members—and our soon-to-be-members—will take away from the Summit a strong understanding of what BFG is all about; our four key policy focus areas and why we chose them; and some new, meaningful connections,” Beth said. “When I plan an event, it’s all about how people feel at the end of the day. My ultimate goal is to always have them leave feeling energized.”

And when attendees come away energized, they’re motivated to turn that feeling into action. 

“We’re so excited for Summit participants to be energized to do good, in whatever form that takes for them,” Erika said. “Whether that’s finding organizations they want to be a part of, possible partnerships, or ways of helping to drive policy. Every step in the journey matters.”

Get your ticket now to The (Doing) Business For Good Summit! Early Bird pricing starts at only $79 through October 3rd. 


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