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Business For Good San Diego

Our BFG Managing Director Transition

Two years ago, Business For Good welcomed Danea Ramos as our first Managing Director. Danea brought with her a true passion and enthusiasm for helping to shape a more equitable, sustainable San Diego. 

It is bittersweet for us to announce that Danea has accepted a new position and will be stepping down as BFG Managing Director in November. 

Business For Good made significant strides with Danea at the helm. Most importantly, Danea shepherded our organization through the process of transitioning from a 501(c)(6) to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, which allows us to focus on programming and development. 

Through this accomplishment, Danea has also ensured that all donations to BFG are tax-deductible! We also have Danea to thank for helping with the conception, development, and growth of the (Doing) Business For Good Summit. This annual event allows us to truly connect and learn from one another in an interactive, beautiful space. You can read more about Danea’s accomplishments within Business For Good in the 2022 Annual Recap. 

While we will miss Danea, we also respect that now is the right time in her career to move on to other opportunities. We wish her the very best always. 

Fortunately, we have good news to follow up with: It is with great pleasure that we welcome Sarah Beauchemin as the new Managing Director of Business For Good. 

Sarah joined BFG in 2018 and knows our organization intimately. She has remained an active, engaged member ever since. During her first year with BFG, Sarah wrote the introspective “Things I Wish I Knew” pieces, a series initiated by BFG co-founder and previous Executive Director, Karim Bouris. 

From there, Sarah continued on to serve as the content strategist, copywriter, and blog writer for BFG. She also helped establish the BFG Member Communications Committee and is a member of our Board of Directors. 

Prior to launching Protagonist Content in 2015, Sarah worked for a decade in business management and finance. She spent three of those years as the Finance/HR Manager for the local nonprofit San Diego Repertory Theatre

We’re eager to see all the ways in which Business For Good will flourish under Sarah’s leadership. 

Watching the organization grow over the past seven years has been an amazing experience, as we have benefitted from the contributions of very talented and committed leaders like Karim and Danea. We welcome Sarah with great excitement and confidence, knowing the tradition of strong, creative leadership will continue.

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